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Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
do you disagree with? >> dana: energy job, climate change. >> eric: climate change. entitlement have to be on the table. immigration. that will be a big one. you and i have different ideas on how we handle that. >> bob: you are going to take your party in the toilet. >> dana: we have one more block on this. we will get to martin luther king junior and climate change. more ahead. great moments including performance by kelly clarkson and beyonce and inauguration trivia. look over eric's shoulder for that. how much do you know about the historic day? we have a quiz and hope you will play along with us at home. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: wow! that was kelly clarkson singing earlier in afternoon. welcome back to "the five" and the coverage of today's inauguration. we get thoughts on this. first, let's play for mr. bob beckel one of his favorite moments in honor of martin luther king junior and the holiday we're celebrating. listen
Jan 22, 2013 3:00pm PST
and clean energy policies that the president can enact and congress can enact. the president can do a lot of things. the environmental protection can do a lot of things. the department of energy and agriculture can do a lot of things that don't need congress. congress itself, we don't know what is going to happen. we tried three years ago to pass the climate clean energy bill. that was defeated. anything that ambitious to pass is unlikely this time. >> michael: listen, he said the governor of nebraska dave heineman completed an evaluation of that same keystone pipeline. john boehner had this to say about it. he said nebraska's approval of the new keystone xl pipeline route means there is no bureaucratic excuse, hurdle or catch president obama can use to delay this project any further. he and he alone stands in the way of tens of thousands of new jobs and energy security. i mean, that's putting it right on the president. >> here is the reality about the keystone pipeline that comes from canada to the united states to deliver oil. that oil is going to somewhere no matter what. this is becom
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
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Jan 17, 2013 6:30pm EST
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Jan 19, 2013 7:00am EST
to pursue on health care, on financial regulation, energy and climate change nthat sort o thing. a much bigger failure for the president in the first term, the goal of bringing the country together. part of his political identity when he broke on the national stage in 2004. we're a nation, not a blue nation, we're one united states of america. i think he's going to emphasize that and try to use that as a springboard into getting things done in the second term. >> he did put forth a lot of things he wanted to accomplish when he spoke to us in 2009. how many did he get done? >> health care, which was a huge accomplishment for him. something that bill and hillary clinton failed to do during their presidency. a democratic priority for decades. he got financial regulation, which is new rules for wall street, which are just in the process now are being impleme implemented, as health care is. neither had a full chance to take effect. he did not get his goals on energy and changing the energy foundations of the american economy. he's going to try to do some of that in his second term with regul
Jan 18, 2013 11:00am PST
in alternate energy and seriously bad rap. it's very difficult right now to gather that political will for whether it's an infrastructure bank, investing in america, maybe $2 trillion of defrayed maintenance on the national infrastructure. there's major needs here not met for the future cutting back spending because we spend later if we don't spend now on things like that. hopefully there will be an attempt to focus on that. you are getting that from the white house. this is a really difficult congress to navigate through. you can't pass an operating budget, let alone to invest -- >> difficult house of representatives. >> that's right. >> to your point of getting things passed, lynn talked about what the public and the message of the public, we have had poll after poll siding with the president from a tax increase on those making over $250,000 to kind of stricter gun legislation. the polls show that most people are siding with him. but yet, to your point, you still see pure rejection from republicans in the house who know their constituents will still vote with them and they can h
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
particularly on energy which will be a very important part, we hope -- i hope -- i hope you guys hope -- of the president's second term, especially as it relates to jobs and the economy. all right. so stay right with us because there is a lot going on. a lot of great, political faces to see. like peter king's right behind us. if you like the academy awards and you like politics, this is the place to be. don't go away. >>>> jennifer: welcome back to current tv's coverage of president barack obama's inauguration. we've got bill press who's on the parade grounds or on the grounds of the mall. we've got michael shure in portland, oregon. watch this feed right here of the presidential motorcade coming from the white house to the capitol and in fact, my favorite bit of presidential inauguration trivia is about the carriage that was built to transport martin van buren to his inauguration in 1837. that carriage, unlike this cadillac, was constructed of timber from the dismantled u.s.s. constitution. can you imagine that? that carriage, obviously being hugely symbolic. very, very exciting mome
Jan 20, 2013 5:00am PST
energy we're not spending enough energy on umm grags. we're not spending enough 234r7b8g on the miss energy on the miss kwal problem -- on the fiscal problem. presidents don't get to choose what they do. they deal with what is before them and what they'd like to long term. >> governor, i'm curious to get your thoughts on the package of reforms. it was interesting that the vice president was tasked with this and they put out this package and i just also wanted to say that i thought you handled the horror in newtown with tremendous grace. >> thank you. i appreciate that. and you know, when you're in connecticut, painfully aware of how traumatic that's been for every resident of connecticut, particularly the families and residents of the families of deceased and the residents of newtown. being down here for a few days it's remarkable on how it has affected everyone. and it's a different perspective. we get in the fox hole a little bit and in connecticut over this. i spent about 1:20 with the vice president on friday at his office. lequacious as he is, we both tend to go on a little bit
Jan 22, 2013 1:00pm PST
to be to the point where we can bring this debt under control, a sound financial policy, energy independence in a way we've never thought about before. we're respected by the world again like we haven't been for the last 20 years. >> so are you ready to run against hifrl clinton in 2016? >> look, i haven't made that judgment and hillary hasn't made that judgment but i can tell you what, everything that should be done over the next two years that i should be part of would have to be done whether i run or i don't run. if this administration is successful, whoever is running as a better position to run, if we are not successful, whoever runs as a nominee is going to be less likely to win. >> gloria is here with this excellent interview. i know more is coming up. but he's being pretty cagy. >> you saw him on that parade route shaking everyone's hand. he saw him at the iowa caucuses. have you heard of those? >> new hampshire, he was involved with them as well. >> exactly. he's 70, looks great, very energetic. if i had to guess, i would guess he's running. but as he said, he doesn't have to make that decis
Jan 18, 2013 4:00pm PST
hands? the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go! >> ana: reporter bales is an u.s. soldier facing charges of murder in a military court after he allegedly murdered 16 afghani civilians mostly you women and children. this is extremely complex. we have more details on the story. >> staff sergeant robert bales is the suspect of a began civilian murder last weekend. >> he seems to be unaware of some of the facts i talked to him about which makes me concerned about his state of mind. >> attorney brown said staff sergeant bales served three tours in iraq where he suffered a trauma why can brain injury. he also witnessed a brutal attack on another soldier the day before the incident. >> he did not want to be deployed but he was deployed any way and he was diagnosed with ptsd. the mental health concern of our military is a big problem. it has been the topic of discussion for quite awhile now. the question is whether or not we're doing enough to solve this issue. these soldiers are going to war m
Jan 20, 2013 12:30pm EST
our energy future. all of these are part of the equation, and we can't just do one piece of it. >> roughly 24 hours from now we will hear the president lay out some of those plans for the course of the next four years. david playofoffe, the president completed writing his remarks. now we just wait to hear what he has to say. >> and there were other active tifs involving the vice president. he was sworn in for a second time today. tell us about that. >> that took place about 8:20 this morning. he was sworn in by his choosing by the justice sonia sotomayor. a lot of people were asking why did that happen roughly 8:00 this morning. because the justice is actually on book tour right now. she had a previous commitment in new york. she had to hustle to a train to make that commitment in new york city today. so it took place early this morning. vice president joe biden surrounded by his family over at the naval observatory, his residence, for the swearing-in. only a matter of hours ago today. he put his hands on a family 19th century bible with his family for years and that he has bee
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am PST
on the "stephanie miller show." >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ the natural energy of peanuts and delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go! you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. ♪ ♪ come to my window ♪ ♪ crawl inside wait by -- >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ come to my window i'll be home soon ♪ [ laughter ] >> stephanie: damn this tv show. >> i know. >> stephanie: i was having a secret conversation with someone. hi jacki schechner. >> hello. i have just unpacked and repacked again in my head during commercial break. >> stephanie: right? i know it. i know it. the later the evening got in box wine time, i was like that won't work. >> i'm thinking fewer skirts more warm pants option. >> stephanie: right. >> highs in the 40s, lows in the 30s until tuesday and that's when the cold weather come
Jan 19, 2013 9:00am PST
you've talked with them. what is their motivation for coming out and do you think this energy will be sustained? >> oh, absolutely. this is the nice part about the first family and the vice president's family. that they put a day of service to kick off the inaugural services. they did that the last time in 2009. and then they carried the tradition through again. what it does is encourages each one of us throughout the country, not just here in washington, but to make service a part of our lives every single day. so we're supposed to go back to our own communities and put things in place. the suggestion that i made is just something simple. the american heart association recommends that you get 30 minutes of exercise a day. so instead of gossiping with your girlfriend on the phone, 30 minutes of walking around your neighborhood with your girlfriend will get you your 30 minutes of exercise. it will reduce the instances of heart disease. and that's something you can easily organize in your own community. and so there are 100 organizations who, like the american heart association,
Jan 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
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Jan 15, 2013 8:00pm PST
in the legislative fights, not drain away the energy. >> the nra is seen as all powerful in so many ways. we have a really great report on that in just a moment. let me just ask one more question. it still seems to me aside from all the new things you can do, we can discuss what those are, and the nuances of it, there is this issue with the fact there are a lot of laws on the book which are not enforced. so it obviously isn't that -- isn't as easy as the president says, enforce them, or is it? >> i think that's absolutely right. there are many gun laws on the books. the problem is that in general, you're looking at criminal prosecutions. we have a panoply of laws yet it's very difficult to actually apply the laws to the crimes we have. that's why prosecutors have so much discretion because frankly, in any particular criminal case, you know, it's kind of like they're selecting from a menu. i think this is actually a broader, chaotic problem with a mix between federal and state and local laws. so this is part of the reason why there is so much discretion for the executive. and frankly, this is not
FOX News
Jan 22, 2013 4:00pm PST
that his all of the above energy strategy is more than just forgotten campaign rhetoric but an official from the sierra club today told fox radio no, no, this can't be something the president moves forward on, take a listen. >> we simply can't effectively reduce emissions and simultaneously increase investments in dirty oil. >> the point is the president now having to make this decision in the weeks ahead about whether to go forward on the keystone pipeline. that maybe the first test on whether he is going to get serious about climate change in this second term, shep. >> shepard: ed henry on a cold night in washington. ed, thanks. just in to fox news, north korea has just issued a brand new threat regarding secretive nuclear program. the north koreans now warning they will strengthen their military and nuclear defenses in response to new punishments from the united nations. penalties connected to north korea's controversial rocket launch back in december. keep in mind investigators say that launch may have been a cover to test nuclear weapons which could strike the united states. there
Jan 15, 2013 1:00pm PST
of clean energy. the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost.. tomato soup from campbell's. when what you just bought, just broke. or when you have a little trouble a long way from home... as an american express cardmember you can expect some help. but what you might not expect, is you can get all this with a prepaid card. spends like cash. feels like membership. >>> a note on yet another shooting inside a place of learning. two people were shot this afternoon at the stevens institute of business and arts in st. louis. the details are developing, but one person reportedly a financial aid visce adviser, wa found in a stairwell. the suspect and male student then shot himself as police responded. both men are in critical condition. this latest
Jan 16, 2013 10:00pm PST
biden went to work on this. >> you're absolutely right. and i have to tell you, i mean, the energy that was in that room. the attorney general came over to me and gave me a big hug and said, carolyn, this is all of your work finally coming to a place where we can get something done. so listen, it is not about me. it is about the victims. it is about the victims we hopefully can save. we know, as the president said, that we're not going to be able to save everybody. but i have to tell you, we can cut down the amount of killings in this country in more than half, in my opinion. when you think about it, since what happened in sandy hook, 900 people have died from that day. 900 people in 33 days, a lot of them children. so i mean, we should be on the right side of this issue. i believe the american people if you look at the polls are saying we're on the right side of this issue. and we are reaching out to everybody. we're meeting with the nra, we're meeting with sportsmen, with hunters, we're meeting with people who have not agreed with us to try to bring them all on board. and with th
Jan 19, 2013 11:00am PST
, please make use of me and so i -- i gave my energy and my hope, all of that to the campaign. mr. melvin, the truth is i didn't, honest to god, expect him to win. i prayed for it. i worked for it. i got up early in the morning and slept late at night, but in truth, when he -- when he took the first -- at the first election i was speechless because it means that our country is growing up, and when i go abroad i don't have to apologize as much for my country. >> yeah. >> i think few americans realize that when african-americans go abroad europeans say oh, poor dears, welcome. they treat you so bad in your country, oh, and so you have to support your country even when you're angry. even when you don't agree with some of the actions, but now after the first election when i went abroad to britain or wherever i went and my shoulders were back, and i was so proud of myself as an american, and proud of our country. we're growing up. >> yeah. dr. angelou, before i let you go really quickly here, a lot of folks, as you know, you are a bonified national treasure. how is your health? how are are you
Jan 21, 2013 1:00pm PST
parade, 4 1/2 hours. this obviously much shorter, but given the beautiful weather today and the energy and really the enjoyment you're seeing from the first family, people could stay out here all night, several hours more, but we watch as they pass the review stand. the president and the first lady looking at each other, enjoying this moment, knowing the struggle they had to get here and what they still face when we all wake up tomorrow and we're not reveling in this moment or relishing the moment that we're experiencing here, but the bottom line is we've witnessed what i think is an incredible moment for the people here, but especially for the president who, like this nation, we've gone through a rough end of the year, and this year didn't start on a better note when you look at the fiscal battles as well, but to watch that first lady of the united states bounce and show so much happiness was a great sight to see for these people who are still as you can see just about 100 yards away from me waving and screaming and hoping to get that one special picture of the president on this day,
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
? >> it boosts your immune system and gives you energy. >> mustard, is there an advantage to mustard? >> there actually is. it helps with aches and pains. make a paste out of it, rub it on your sore muscles. >> you are making that up sh. >> i am not. >> you like pork as opposed to chicken? >> nice alternative. i look for tenderloin because really, truly, you can't mess it up. you brown these pork tenderloins, pound each in the pan, get a nice, golden color. >> whoa! and you drop it on your co-host over here. >> sorry, it slipped. put it in the oven at 400 degrees for 30 minute until it's nice and tender inside. >> okay. >> and then what you do is in the same pan, we'll lower the heat a little bit so you don't get covered. start with a little bit of honey. go ahead and do that. dump it all in there with shallots. little garlic, shallots, honey, mustard, red wine vinegar, couple of tablespoons and a little bit of white wine. we're basically going to cook this down for a couple of minutes until it thickens slightly. you get sort of a sweet and tangy sauce. which i happen to love. you fi
Jan 20, 2013 7:00am PST
of the president in this second term, there's a sense of energy and enthusiasm. is that what you are seeing from this president going into the second term? >> absolutely. he is as energized as i have ever seen him. a lot of that did come from his ability to get out and connect. it reminds him why he works so hard every day to improve the quality of life for hard working americans who just want a fair shot and a fair shake. he's insisting everybody play by the same set of rules. he wants to make sure we engage the american people. with them behind him, we can do big things. it's what he's committed to do in his second term. >> speaking of talking to the people. women were an incredibly important part of the coalition that reelected president obama. there's been a lot of criticism about the president not having enough women in the second cabinet. there you are, a very powerful voice who is not intimidated to be in a room full of men advising the president. tell me how you respond to that critique? >> give him a chance to finish rounding out the cabinet. we know, for example, one of the most import
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
decade, i've seen the generous support, both personal, financial, time, energy of million millions of people who have been touched by cancer. and that's what this organization is all about. lance decrcreated it before he won the tour. lance gave us this platform. and it's our responsibility and our opportunity to take this forward. >> because you've known him for so long and because you are the guy who has to run this foundation, can you look me in the eye and say that even before you heard the words coming out of his mouth last night, you didn't already know the truth? >> well, matt, what i can tell you is that i knew in october. when that report came out, it was pretty clear to the world what had happened. and hearing it last night again was very difficult. >> and even before october, did you have very, very strong suspicions that, in fact, all the allegations were true? >> you know, i think the intensity over the last year, as it picked up, you know, did thoughts wander into my mind? of course. but october was the point in time when i think we all came to that realization. >> yo
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
of their time, their energy and their money to serving others. do you think this is something that crosses all generations? in other words, are people your age and even younger getting involve involved as much as perhaps some older americans are? >> oh, absolutely. you know, all of the studies show that younger americans, the so-called millennials are actually more engaged than older generation. it appears we're becoming even more generous as we move into the 21st century, particularly in donating our time, which is one of the reasons why i'm so enthusiastic about the national day of service on saturday not only being our largest national day of service ever but hopefully a renewed commitment to service in our country. >> i love it in my kids' school they talk about it, in schools across the country. what can parents do, in your opinion, to set a better example for children in this area? >> well, matt, i think what you were just talking about, encouraging our schools, our faith communities, our community centers to make opportunities available to children so that children grow up thinking of s
Jan 19, 2013 5:00am PST
real time and energy making a difference, moving the economy, getting people back to work and taking care of social issues making a difference. the fact that we don't is the reason in fact that we continue to have the lowest approval ratings in the history of congress. >> yes. i want to get to that but i want to stay on guns for a second. my sense is and i read the statement your office put out for instance supporting say the assault weapons ban, and i believe you are all supportive of that right? >> yes. >> you, congressman have a district in which i don't think it will give you much grief in your re-election. you represent the great city of madison, wisconsin. but you both had very contested races. you know, sam stein wrote a great piece in the huffington post. going back and talking to members who were around in the '94 assault weapons ban who really did get blindsided by what the cost of that vote was in terms of the nra coming after them. i want to play a clip of jim moran talking about the nra's political power. take a look. >> that this is going to happen, it is going to have
FOX News
Jan 20, 2013 3:00am PST
. and help ensure a constant supply of clean energy. the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. >> here is an it tip for you. don't mess with waiters from texas, michael garcia is winning praise from across the country for denying service to a table after they made offensive comments about a special needs child. >> joining us right now is that hero waiter, michael garcia. you've been there two and a half years and you put your job on the line and what did you actually see and witness with a table that was having trouble with that table that you-- we just showed that little man there? >> i actually saw, sir, an individual who clearly is probably-- has a fear of the unknown. he said some things that were derrogatory that were completely unacceptable and my personal feelings took over. >> you know milo's name because this family that has this special needs kid who we're seeing right here, they're regulars in your restaurant, right? >> yes, ma'am. they're like family, as all our customers are are, just l
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
butter contains healthy fat, sustained energy, wards off those mid-morning diet-wrecking munchies and the apples have fiber to help us fill up on pure calories. and i added a sprinkle of cinnamon. >> also a good antioxidant. >> exactly. >> over here, poe ttatoes for lunch. >> yes. >> potatoes have had a bad rap over recent years. >> they have. >> they're a good dieters food. >> yes researchers suggest it may help promote the burning and shrinking of fat cells. what we put on the potato is important, too. >> all the difference in the world. >> italian style loaded baked potato. warm and cheesy, comforting. protein from the cottage cheese here and a little veggie with our marinara sauce, spinach. and all we're going to do is kind of mix that together here. we've already baked the potato in the microwave for about four minutes or so. and we just top it here. and then we're just going to actually sprinkle a little cheese and you can add a lily talian sauce. >> microwave that? >> another minute. that's all it takes. >> by the way, the sheetsa so good. is this salmon? >> this is salmon.
Jan 22, 2013 3:00am PST
incentives for green energy and he could kill the keystone pipeline. more next. it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table. >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: president obama tells republicans we don't have to settle all the debates about the proper role of government. we just gotta get something done! now! were they listening? hello, everybody. good to see you today. it is tuesday, january 22nd. morning of a the big day here in washington, d.c. great inaugural ceremony yesterday. very colorful inaugural parade. hope you were able to catch all of it. tell us what you thought about it this morning here on our "full court press." give us a call at 1-866-55-press. we were there ef minute of it. up close and en
Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)